Pennsylvania just kicked The National School Board Association out of their state...returning the power to The People/Parents of Pennsylvania!

@shecky2000 and i had a long talk last night. We've got it all figured out.

@SLAG @BrianCates @icare4america @DuaneCates It's amazing the amount of peace you can get by nuking sociopaths from your life. It's difficult but the rewards are endless.

Whether you believe in Q (or not), find chan culture interesting (or not), or just want to better understand the digital battlefield, I highly recommend this read:

It's an exchange between journalist JE Dyer* and Patrick Ryan, the programmer who founded Cultstate. (Calling PR just a "programmer" is weak, though.)

*95% confidence in this, based on her other writings

Thanks to @KeepRight for handing me an imgur link that I had lost and couldn't find for 6 months!

@SLAG You said, "I cannot imagine the “FUCK YOU” that is coming."

I can. It will involve rope, heavy metals in small portions, and possibly even fire.
It WILL be very ugly.

The funniest part, is, that TPTB's assume that IF their plan fails, they'll be able to say, "Sorry, it won't happen again." and move on, like nothing ever happened.

Nope. One way or another, there WILL be a population reduction. Us... Or them.

I'm thinking the winning side will be us.

As Ol' Remus said:

If "they" go after beef, not only will I buy and start raising my own cows, I will breed them and let a portion of them loose in open areas so they can be hunted like deer.

NewScum & Aunt Piglosi's dreams have come true; they have destroyed CA faster than they had hoped.

More than half of Bay Area residents plan to leave permanently: poll

From my Signals group:

I like the approach that this person took. Not asking; invoking Constitutionally protected rights.

"It might be going to far to say that the modern scientific movement was tainted from its birth: but I think it would be true to say that it was born in in unhealthy neighbourhood and at an inauspicious hour.
Its triumphs may have been too rapid and purchased at too high a price: reconsideration, and something like repentance, may be required."

- C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

It has been a long road.

5 years ago, I set a goal: get a software development job before I turn 30.

I’m 29. My goal has been reached, and I’m about to embark on a new chapter in my life.

God bless ‘Merica.

The best is yet to come.


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A Chinese man visits a casino in Vegas. He walks up to the cashier's cage and changes 10,000 RMB for $1,500.

He loses it all at the tables and goes to bed.

Next morning, he decides to give it another shot. But this time, the cashier only gives him $1,287.

Chinese Guy:
Ylesterday you give $1,500. Today why much less?


Chinese Guy:
Well fluck you stupid Americans too!

This is the prison app the government is forcing on Australians. When the phone notifies you, you must take a picture of yourself.

You can opt out, but then you subject yourself to random phone calls and police check-ins (that would be my choice, by the way).

I was going to pull some good quotes out, but it would spoil the drama of actually reading some of this in-place.

We need to figure out how to foil something like this so it can't spread or even be tried here.

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