Hi all. Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease usually passed through homosexual sex, according to Dr Mark Markary of Johns Hopkins U. Yeah, it's the next covid, all right.


Happy Mother's Day, FA. Love to you all, though I am rarely here.

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I just recd this link from a friend to make it clear just how brutal & evil the Nazis were and are. This will enlighten many who are unclear of history during the Holocaust. Not for the faint of heart!

The Sadistic “Einsatzgruppen” — The Nazi Death Squads Which Slaughtered 2.2 Million People

Even the gas chambers of Auschwitz cannot match the naked brutality of the Einsatzgruppen


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‘3Gs,’ grandkids of Holocaust survivors, retell grandparents’ stories as own legacy

First-of-its-kind project, ‘If You Hear What I Heard,’ films members of the third generation post-World War II who give testimonies in an ongoing docu-series




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In addition to the website, the project has an Instagram, YouTube channel, and Facebook page to attract younger generations. All of the interviews are filmed on smartphones, with Siegel’s off-camera questions framing the conversation. ...



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Interesting. Walgreens keeps track of positive covid tests from all who get them there.

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Celebrating , Mexico style. A special performance by
Mariachi Jerusalem at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! (Make sure you click on the picture.)

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Duh. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Fauci should be charged with murder, the little bastard.


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Jack Posobiec on Telegram
BREAKING: Here is the deleted MSNBC clip of McFaul on Hitler that they just took down from YouTube

Please DO NOT SHARE this and expose these clowns for who they really are

Love you all, gotta go make dinner. Tonight, it's "Hello Fresh" Mushroom Ravioli with Kale and Walnuts in a Brown Butter Creme Fraiche Sauce. " If I remember, I will post a picture.

This is Mr Wzi, Molly and Shadow (he's the black dog, duh,) so you will know it's me when you get in.

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