Last thing I'll say about the FBI is congrats on making the most motivated voter base in history even more motivated to vote Republican in November. It'll be fun seeing all of this blow up in their faces.

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe in the theory that the government hates us after passing the """"""'Inflation Reduction"""""" Act, sending more money to Ukraine, and having the FBI raid Mar-A-Lago.

Well, time to own up to what I said a few days ago about Robson stealing the primary election in AZ from Kari Lake since Lake just won the primary. Glad to see that she won. I really hope that she wins in November though I have my doubts since Katie Hobbs is the SOS and she would be the one to run the entire election. That alone makes me concerned that she will win in November though I really hope I am wrong come November.

At this point, with all the people on the right calling Arizona for Kari Lake despite the fact that there are still "votes" coming in today at 7 PM for Maricopa County, I'm honestly going to laugh when all those votes are for Robson and she gets the nomination. All the people celebrating early are going to jinx Lake. I can just feel it though if she does actually get the nomination, I will proudly and gladly admit that I am wrong.

Fuck. Looks like they’re already going to steal it for Robson or whatever her name is.

@1031 @Wzagorski89

I agree.😡

"We can take another loss because it exposes election fraud to normies"

"We can take another loss because it will wake up normies"

"We can take another loss because normies will see the rigging"

Rinse & repeat.

NOPE. I'm not buying into that.

Are we the real fools for convincing ourselves that repeated losses due to election theft is a winning strategy?

Expecting a diff/better outcome?

When do you break the cycle?

Sounds like a coping mechanism.

What the fuck is up with Arizona’s elections? They’re just as bad if not worse than Pennsylvania’s.

California, Illinois, and NYC have all declared a state of emergency for monkeypox and the one thing I'm noticing is that all of them are ran by Democrats. Wondering if all the other blue states will declare a state of emergency for it and if red states will just ignore it altogether. I will laugh if my home state of Louisiana declares a state of emergency over it despite being a red state, but our dumbass governor is a Dem. This state is about as straight as it can get!

How much longer till Hunter slips into his dad by accident and gives him monkeypox? He's bound to get it at some point with how many times he's gotten COOF-ID.

College is a scam and it is the most pointless thing ever.

Change my mind.

If the Dems try and attempt to lockdown the entire country before the midterms over monkeypox, it would be the death knell of the Democratic Party as we know it. I remember when people were fear-mongering last year that they were going to lock down the country over the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID and they didn’t. Reason why is that people recognize that they are the ones who destroyed their state economies and people’s livelihoods and they wouldn’t survive if they did it again.

The WHO has declared monkeypox to be a global health emergency and does anyone really care?

The best thing to come out of this is all that stuff people on the right were talking about with the WHO stripping the US and other countries of their sovereignty so they could do whatever they wanted in the name of public health didn’t come to fruition. Sure, there will be a few countries that respond to this in authoritarian ways, but I think a majority of them just won’t care. Hopefully I’m right.

If you're ever feeling down in life and wish that things could be better, just remember that there are people still living in California and can't get out of that hellhole.

Between this song and "We'll Be Back", I think this one is infinitely more badass. If every track on the new album is like the two singles we've gotten so far, this album is shaping up to absolutely destroy their last album Dystopia which I absolutely adore by the way.

Biden is worried about having the coof because it’ll take his sense of smell away and the one thing he loves to do the most besides destroying this country is sniff little kids.

My sister who is left leaning and gets mad when I mention the fact that I believe the CIA grooms and trains mass shooters to shoot up places so they can have an excuse to grab everyone's guns even believes that climate change is bullshit. That's how little people care about it. There are way more important issues at hand than the climate. End of discussion.

Ladies and gentlemen, the final two candidates for the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

People on the right claiming that Biden will use climate change as a way to lockdown the country before the midterms so the Dems can steal them are the same people who said a few months ago that monkeypox would be the next pandemic and the Dems would use that to steal the midterms. Guess what came of monkeypox? Nothing. I’m sure that this climate change shit Biden is trying to push through executive order will have no teeth and will be shot down pretty quickly like everything else he has done.

Looking forward to seeing these bullshit executive orders get shot down by red states and federal judges just like all the other unconstitutional EO’s he has signed off on in the past.

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