Fact about Matthew McConaughey:

My great aunt taught him in high school when she was a teacher at Longview High School and McConaughey’s mother was a teacher there as well. My great aunt’s son also had a few classes with him.

It would be a fun fact, but it isn’t anymore after he started advocating for red flag laws today.

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@TinyHouse4Life @zacharyiliff01

Remember during lockdowns he made that creepy video. He was jumpy and nervous and it wasn’t bc of a virus with a 99%+ recovery rate. What was he really worried about? And Ellen Degenerate also made weird videos. Hmm

@Missustruth1776 @TinyHouse4Life

I've never minded McConaughey much myself, but I can't stand Ellen. She's one of the worst people to come from my home state which is saying something since there are a ton of shitty people from here.

What is his goal? He's not running for office is he? Hope he doesn't plan on making any money from any future projects.

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