Well the rubber is about to hit the road around here.
Husband came home from work. Tomorrow is a meeting among Managers & Supervisors regarding the vaccine.
He is willing to walk away. No testing for him. No vaccine.
I back him 100 percent.

If we starve - we starve.

@Bakerfiend @SweetIceTea

I will be glad to help out any way I can.

Just DM me if you need something.

Stand firm.


and know you have tons of support here...

And thank you both for your integrity and courage. ❤️

Stay strong. You will be fine. Your relationship with your husband will grow stronger by this test. His health will not become a source of worry. Your character is maturing. Your mind and spirit will be at peace. You two must feel that truth in your bones!


Prayers for God to provide for your and husband’s needs; physical, emotional and spiritual.💗✝️🙏

@SweetIceTea I pray it works out well. I took the same risk with the same attitude and was successful. I hope he is too.

@SweetIceTea If this happens, know that GOD has a bigger, better plan. HE will provide. Praying! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

@SweetIceTea Prayers for you and your husband, SweetIceTea! Sorry you have to go through this! Stupid! 🤗❤🙏 I just saw I wasn't even following you. What the..... 🤷‍♀️ All the best!!


Well... turns out I wasn't Following you either. 😀 Which is pretty funny given how much of your posts I read.
Thank you for your prayers.

This bullshit won't stop until we all walk away. Good for him.

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