Please take this seriously

Now is NOT the time to be stupid

Think carefully, strategically.

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Don’t organize a protest. Organize to overtake the board and then implode the power from within. They are there and may take a step back to appease you but two forward when you go back to normal life.

Organize and no one says anything and keep it quiet and everyone puts their resignation on the same day as the mandate. No middle finger but also no notice. They gave the notice and you found a job in that time. They will be screwed and they know it, who is more chicken

@FreyjaFrija Absolutely correct!!!! Do not play stupid games because the left LOVES to give out stupid prizes!

@FreyjaFrija Well, no they don't. IF we learned lessons of the PAST and choose different actions then they wouldn't beat us at all now would they? Example. We have a pair of Bald Eagles nesting at a mill pond near us. Every day they swoop down into the pond and catch HUGE eels. Not fish but eels specific to that pond. Now, there is a slew under the mill bridge that opens regularly and the eels can go out if they choose, but they don't. They also surface swim to their detriment. LEARNING is KEY!




Totally agree!!!!!

@FreyjaFrija @oystergirl

A nesting pair!?

Maybe that would be a good reason to have a FA meeting? 🤔



Many birds do. 😀

And Your Bird Can Sing, The Beatles:

The backing guitar is the whole song and then it has this bridge between verses. 🎸

@FreyjaFrija @as2

@Horatio My Calle was a Quaker Parrot and he could sing Bird is the Word! he passed last year at 20+ and we miss him. They can learn amazing things! Both my parrots could sing the roadrunner song as well! @FreyjaFrija @as2

@oystergirl @Horatio @as2

They do?!

The things i dont know about our feathered friends…

@Horatio @oystergirl @as2

Well now you know what i‘ll be reading about tonight! 😅

Yes by all means sue! As Jesse so astutely pointed out these are business decisions, and businesses don't want the cost or exposure of being sued, also DO NOT QUIT, MAKE THEM FIRE YOU, then file for unemployment insurance. I've been in businesses with a union, unions end up being owned, they aren't worth shit.
@FreyjaFrija I think there's no real reason to hide it. Stand up and speak publicly against it. In most contexts, they can't silence you without being obvious about it, unless you actually make a move; so you start speaking long before you're pushed.
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