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Time to pin a few important threads, and make them more easily accessible, and pin them on my wall.

Russia, Ukraine, Swamp draining, weapon labs, and such topics.

Links posted below.

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You know, I do think there's a lot of truth in what Dave's been saying: Trump accelerated the globalist playbook and they've had to rush things. It's made it obvious and it's sloppier. It also means that the plays are being run so close to each other that they're not fooling us.

If we look back on Fauci's bullshit, we can see he ran his identical 80s HIV/AIDS play with Remdesivir. It wasn't obvious AT FIRST.

Run back to back pandemics?--nope! Too much too soon.

While the USA goes through the process of reinvigorating the Republic and its principles, the rest of the world is moving on.

POTATUS is going to go to the Middle East and be confronted with a very different region than his predecessors.

The proposal for a Middle East NATO seems very serious and is likely much more advanced than current news suggests.

@DuaneCates spoke of this before. The USA is an unreliable ally and thus the Arab states will just have to handle things themselves.


Pretty much the entire Huffpost website is about RvW getting overturned.

The neofascists have lost their freedom to sacrifice the unborn.

They are PISSED.

Scientist meets God. and says that we scientist can create life as well as you can. So God knells down starts fashioning a man from the dirt. The scientist knells down to do the same. God says wait a minute you have to use your own dirt.

In light of the monumental decision by SCOTUS, let us not lose track of what is really important:

"We need to revere women, and their ability to carry a child. We need to respect them again. We need to be in awe of them. In the literal sense of that word. And we need to regain a sense of wonder and awe about sex, as well, and not treat it so cavalier. [...] We need a good, deep look at our society as a whole. And not ever again sacrifice the unborn for our own benefit."

I LOVE the tears of the wicked.

Love. Love. Love.

The wicked are speaking and crying all over the world, where they have no business talking about it.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

God wins.

Praise the LORD.

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This brainless bitch is the gift that won't stop giving. I hope LA rigs the vote to keep her in Congress forever.

"Our democracy" and "hallowed institutions" are holier than God, yet when the judiciary rules on something that isn't remotely covered by the Constitution and sends it back to the states, this idiot wants to wipe out the Supreme Court.

And she wants to tie this to black women. 40% of the abortions in this country - How many do you see at pro-choice rallies?

A lot is being said about today's SCOTUS decision regarding the 2nd Amendment, but -albeit a very important and fundamental one - it is only a partial decision.

Let's explore this topic a little deeper!

Where does that right to bear arms come from?

Why is it important?

Is the state or even the police responsible for our protection? Or are we?

As the Court did today, going back to history helps to get the right perspective!

Your analysis withstood the ultimate test, @SLAG !

Well done, and well done SCOTUS for standing up for our rights!

As you wrote:

Heller addressed the question of “keep”. McDonald addressed the question of enumeration. Bruen will address the question of “bear” and the appropriate standard of judicial review for future Second Amendment cases. These three Supreme Court decisions will begin the restoration of Second Amendment rights for millions of Americans.

Great win!


Trump time. And normie time. We have to reach both of those points for the magic to be unleashed.

As I am deep into research for my next article on the clash between ideologies fueling the chaos we see all around us, I present this article as prior reading.

An exploration of 'nationalism', as Aira Kemilainen put it:

"the nationalist idea, which especially belongs to the cultural field, and the national principle, which is almost identical with the principle of national self-determination and belongs to the area of political thought and activity.”

OSCE Reports Reveal Ukraine Started Shelling The Donbas Nine Days Before Russia's 'Special Military Operation'

The Biden Administration, U.S. political officials, and the corporate media are lying the American public into World War III.

American history is replete with examples of politicians, the corporate media, and the military-industrial complex using lies, false pretenses, and propaganda to sell war to a ...

Update on the war in Russia.

Ukraine is not just losing the shooting war, but they are now also losing the propaganda war, and support for them is cracking and eroding everywhere...

"You are not a woman, so shut up about abortion!"

"You are not POC, so shut up about racism!"

"You are not 100% MAGA, so shut up about the United States!"

It IS the same thinking.

Yeah, it is challenging, as it forces you and me to be truly OPEN, and to be confident and well-versed in my own position.

But it is so worth it, too!

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@ArnGrimR I would add a fabricated division-propagated by a handful of politicians & hollywood actors using their complicit msm megaphone. The last election proved thay America is united around an America 1st agenda. It's not 50/50, I think it's more like 35/65.

@ArnGrimR Fantastic article! What an accomplishment to really & truly "reach accross the aisle". This is how we "coexist" in a society that will never agree 100%. But we all should willingly bear the burden of having to convince others of our arguments to pass public policy. The left KNOWS they can't do it so they resort to cheating.

When a group firmly on the left starts recommending your article, you're on to something!

And it shows a critical but open mind by that group, as well.

True pluralism, not that bland type of 'to each their own' subjectivity. Still having clear points of difference, but also being able to identify areas that align, that is the way to move forward.

Open, with respect, mature, unafraid.

Time to break down that insistence to attack or shun everything that is different!

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