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Time to pin a few important threads, and make them more easily accessible, and pin them on my wall.

Russia, Ukraine, Swamp draining, weapon labs, and such topics.

Links posted below.

This is a more important article than most people may at first think.

Farmers have been under attack for generations. The latest energy shocks are just the latest chapter.

When the farmers get pissed enough to bring their tractors into the streets, it is a sign that the food supply is under serious threat.

This is good in the sense that regimes tumble when the farmers strike. But it is bad in the sense of finding enough food to eat.

Please read and share this widely.

Brief Thread.

I have already posted and commented about this article that was brought to my attention by @CONSERVATARIAN

The Blinken Department of State just announced an internationally available $10 million reward for evidence of foreign interference in USA elections.

Really odd, eh?

"The reward offer seeks information leading to the identification or location of any foreign person or entity who knowingly engaged or is engaging in foreign election interference."


While food imports are important, the foodstuff that comes from domestic farms in closer proximity to any particular city are critical and even irreplaceable.



I've been thinking about my assumptions lately.

I've done a few threads about them.

My primary assumptions which I bring to my attempts at spitballing are:

1. Trump (and his assembled inner circle) is the kind of person that takes his Oath to protect the Constitution seriously and will act on this Duty.

2. Trump (and his assembled inner circle) knew of the Steal, and based on statements from Gen Flynn and others about foreign involvement, he knew the Steal was an Act of War.

Several people have warned to keep an eye on the Farmer Protests in The Netherlands.

For good reason: they fight for freedom, against ever increasing tyranny. They are planning a large protest this Monday, on the 4th of July...

We need to voice our support, and stand with them!

Countering the emotional appeals in the debate on abortion, with our own (fact based) emotional appeal:

"As a historian I spend a lot of my time reading the writings of ancient pagans and sometimes their arguments justifying their dehumanizations and sacrifices (literal sacrifices in many cases) don’t sound nearly as ancient as they ought to be."


I have written before about the few premises that drive my my conjecture, my spitballing.

I try to have as few basic assumptions as possible as the foundation of my thinking.

My primary presumptions that are the foundation of most of what I have written here are two:

1. Trump and some segment of military intelligence (which could extend internationally) were aware of determinative foreign interference in the '20 election (an Act of War). My primary sources for this are well...

Hey, @nchia

Does this mean what it looks like?

FA is the second busiest instance?

Is that possible?


The good thing is that the enemy is getting careless and sloppy. The 2020 election steel was careless and sloppy. Think about that for a moment. Trump talked about that path for steeling the election. He knew. If he knew and he didn't take counter measures in preparation? I don't believe that.

Trump is a very very patient SOB.


I'm currently watching "The Release of Jovan Pulitzer’s BOMBSHELL Paper Analysis Report" on Rumble.

Jovan has mentioned the number 17 twice so far. If he references the number 17 a total of 17 times tonight in his report does that mean Q reveals himself and you come out publicly and Trump returns to the WH?

Hey @h53pilot and @SLAG

I have trouble reconciling the powerfully assertive SCOTUS that we are seeing now with the timid and impotent court that declined any and all election cases.

I FEEL (not know) that SCOTUS is more likely than not involved in whatever manoeuvre it is that Trump is executing. What better way to legitimise a secret convention of states and/or a govt. in exile than to have two of the coequal branches of government involved in its execution?

I invite thoughts on this point.

@ArnGrimR It's a dense subject and in my estimation and extremely sad one too. Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel as more people become aware and this insanity STOPS and treatments are developed.


An explanation is owed to ALL of us, even those who did not jab. ALL of us are paying for their evil deed.

This will fundamentally shift so much in the world economically, demographically,'s mind-boggling.

I am enraged. How DARE they!

Pity that they can only swing once. It isn't enough, frankly!


The black community needs to know this. I just texted my best friend some information yesterday and asked her not to boost anymore.

She is African and her whole church is African. If these vaxxes are doing what we suspect they are, I can't even fathom how the congregation will take the news, once they know. Or who they will blame. This is a community that loves children and has large families!

Pastors were encouraging everyone to take these shots to keep everyone safe.

@ArnGrimR Lack in Fertility rates in general has really changed over the last 60 years, too. The vaxx spurred a lot more of it on.

There appears to be a major safety signal in birth rates, in many different countries, that show a very substantial decline in birth rates, roughly coinciding with the release of the Covid Vaccination.

Here is a closer look at the information shared (not all of it is correct!) and available about this.

To be carefully monitored…

How do I know that we will win?

Because this is the enemy.

(from PDW)

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